FundSeeder is a broker agnostic, financial technology company pioneering a trading revolution. We have created the world's first search engine for undiscovered trading talent.

Why FundSeeder?

Establish a verified track record at no cost. Save time, money and resources.

Have your equity and trades tracked automatically every day.

Use FundSeeder’s menu of charts and performance metrics to analyze and improve your trading.

See how you stack up statistically against other traders in your selected category.

Benefit from the prospect for referrals to financial institutions seeking to hire trading talent.

Use our turnkey solution to start your trading business. Legal, accounting, marketing—we have you covered.

Gain the opportunity to be featured in Jack Schwager’s planned book: Undiscovered Market Wizards.

How FundSeeder Works?

FundSeeder provides traders from all over the globe the opportunity to generate a broker-verified track record and access charts and analytics to improve their trading

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Are You an Undiscovered Market Wizard?

Be profiled in Jack Schwager's planned book Undiscovered Market Wizards, which will be part of the renowned Market Wizards series.

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FundSeeder is changing the trading paradigm. For Inquiries and press inquiries contact us